Arij Moka

Finest lines, a maximum of details and exotic motifs characterize the art work of the Leipzig- based illustrator and tattoo artist Arij Moka.


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Dirk Lange

By the technique of marbling, Dirk Lange creates fine color patterns. The color litterally floats on the paper. Every picture created with this technique is a unique specimen and today only a few artisans like Dirk Lange still master the many facets of marbling. 

Markuss Göpfert

 Life-affirming, colorful, humorous – Markuss Göpfert‘s Pop Art cheers you up by its light-heartedness. Göpfert’s trademark is “Muffin”, a graphically abstract character with three hair, three fingers and three toes. In his artwork Göpfert treats subjects as love, friendship and happiness. 


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Michael Relave

Michael Relave’s original and colorful paintings smear figuration and fantasia. Somewhere between paradox and lightness the artist creates a peaceful, perfumed, but still non-kitschy world. His favorite themes are female figures. Inspired by mythology and fabulous goddesses Relave has created his own female symbolism.

He associates women to light, warmth, safety and future. The setting of his pictures therefore resembles the Garden of Eden, where the curvy lines of the women’s bodies are reflected by the ramifications of the heavenly landscape. Michael Relave neglects any artistic convention or aesthetic demand. He simply is in a class of his own.


Michael Relave was born in 1978 in Lyon, where he later also went to art school. He still lives in the area and is married to the artist Emilie Teillaud


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Emilie Teillaud

Emilie Teillaud’s artwork can be seen as art spontané, i. e. spontaneous (e. g. naïve or raw) art. Using various techniques the French artist creates expressive, colorfully shimmering paintings in humorous homage to femininity. Emilie Teillaud’s pictures are about intimacy and tenderness, but also about naivety and strength.

In a quasi-introspective, emotional, but extravagant way Teillaud lets the feminine body conquer the canvas. The artist plays with the paradox between body and soul, as between depth, lightness, strength and fragility. The women in Teillaud’s paintings are mothers, lovers and soulmates, each time shown in an unorthodox, but humorous way. The originality of Teillaud’s pictures results from the expressive spontaneity of the freed bodies.

Emilie Teillaud lives and works near Lyon (France). She is an autodidact in the field of sculpture, illustration and painting. Michael Relave is her husband. 

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